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We simplify the complex
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We simplify the complex



It doesn't have to be complicated and difficult. 

At Farrow Pension & Benefits, we strive to make a difference in the lives of your employees and their retirement plans by making it easier for them to understand and take action. We are constantly reviewing and monitoring investments and fees for plan members to ensure they have the best choices based on needs.

Our focus has been the design & on-going management of Defined Contribution Plans. We have considerable knowledge in the “Defined Benefit world” as well. We can also coordinate a RFP process if you wish to test the cost/benefit of your current actuaries and their services.  

Our Concierge Pension Service Model is designed to minimize the time you spend dealing with regulators and pension providers. That’s our job.


This is what we believe to be true: 

  • Everyone wants to retire comfortably 

  • Employers do not want to become pension experts

  • Plan members do not want to become investment experts


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