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Over 35 years of experience means you get advice that you can trust.

Farrow Pension & Benefits was established by its founder, Wayne Farrow, in early 2013. Wayne is a business owner who brings the knowledge & experience of business management together with more than 35 years of Pension & Benefits expertise.  He is a recognized industry leader having served on several industry committees & boards.

What's old is new again. 

Wayne is the former Owner / President of Synergy Benefits Consulting, which merged with The Winch Group in 2013.  He has also served on the Board of Directors as Chair & subsequently President/CEO of The Benefits Alliance Group Inc.  This group represents over 40 benefit consulting firms across Canada.

Wayne’s competitive advantage has always been his skill in the area of group retirement & the governance of these arrangements.  He has managed hundreds of retirement programs over his career. His knowledge and insight and desire to “leave his mark” led him to establish Farrow Pension & Benefits with his oldest son, Joel.

Their combined efforts will focus on “simplifying” the very complex retirement “space” so that plan members can better understand & take the appropriate action.  In this way  they can “make a difference” by improving the retirement outcome for plan members.

Farrow Pension & Benefits involvement with The Winch Group affords them access to proprietary pricing & products available only to members of the Benefits Alliance Group member firms.  This allows their group insurance clients to better manage programs & control costs.



At Farrow, we know that finding the right person to manage your Pension & Benefits is a choice not to be taken lightly.


Why choose us:

  • Less work for you, and better pension and benefits for your plan members. 
  • Expert advice without the "big bills". 
  • Proprietary solutions to help better manage costs
  • We maximize the value perception of your programs 


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“Wayne has been instrumental in articulating, developing, and communicating core values for our benefits plan to our employees. Attention in this area has been very well received. I would strongly recommend Wayne to any organization looking for a top notch pension and benefits consulting firm. – T.S
“It doesn’t take long to realize the service provided by Farrow Pension & Benefits is a step above the rest. A proactive approach on their part also reinforces the fact they are taking care of our business needs and are committed to do what’s best for us.” – F.G
“The success of a Human Resource department in any business is dependant on the professionalism and knowledgeable support of companies like Farrow Pension & Benefits … Farrow Pension and Benefits has given ongoing assistance and personal attention to details placing them above all agencies.” – T. P